What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am a huge fan of working with Zimmermann Homes for a custom build home, proven by my recent experience building a new house with them in North Arlington. It’s the second house I have built with Rob and his team in the last 4 years and this experience was even better than my first one in 2018. Zimmermann Homes continues to improve its operations continuously, whereby the customer remains first and foremost. Building together over the past 12-18 months had several challenges, primarily supply chain issues, most of which were entirely out of our control. However, Rob and his team worked even harder to source substitutes that were just as good or as timely as the initial selections we made for the design of the house. As someone who visits dozens of newly constructed homes annually, I am very aware of the quality and pricing of the competition facing Zimmermann Homes, so when I say that you can’t beat the “bang for the buck”, I’m confident that it’s true. The quality of the architectural structure, design, construction, and home efficiency are truly unmatched at the price point offered by Zimmermann Homes. More than anything, Rob and his team are really good to work with. It’s expected that things will go awry at some point in building a custom home, whether it’s a schedule delay, design issue, permit snag, or selection that is out of stock. Recognizing this, Zimmermann Homes is creative dealing with such issues and they do whatever is necessary to minimize disruption and stress for the home-owner. Rob has built an incredible business for home construction in the Northern VA area and I can’t think of a better company to work with when building a home. He has put together a team of experts that seamlessly work together so that issues are resolved quickly and most of the time it is done behind the scenes, making the customer’s experience much better. I would be remiss if I didn’t give shout-outs to the members of Rob’s team. Darren is amazing at helping you design a home that works for your individual needs, while being very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, both inside and out. Christina and her team are the best in the business when it comes to the color schemes and styles, making your budget go as far as possible with the selections for appliances, tile, cabinets, countertops, and lighting. Finally, Jim J. is a savant when it comes to managing the overall project and making sure that the customer gets exactly what he/she wants, at the highest level of quality throughout. His attention to detail will always amaze me and any other customer he has ever had. I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Friends, family, and neighbors that visit are amazed at how well it came out, especially during a worldwide pandemic. I could not endorse Zimmermann Homes more highly. They are the best at what they do. When I build my next house, there is no doubt that I will ask Rob and his team to work with me again!”

– The Scardino Family (again), Arlington, VA

“Zimmermann Homes is the best of the best. The world needs to know about the good guys out there, so here’s my advice: If you don’t want to settle for good enough, if you want your home built as a project of passion rather than just another paycheck… If you want to build a lifetime structure that will be built with care… then choose this company to be your builder.

When Rob built our first house, we selected him based on traditional units of measure: Competence, reputation, responsiveness, & price. As the project started, we quickly realized what actually matters. Don’t get me wrong: Rob proved himself to be above and beyond in the units of measure we were judging. We just quickly realized we were judging the wrong variables.

As you build a custom home, the number of variables is incredible. The end result of what you get has little to do with what that original contract says. Sure, the contract dictates the size, rooms, etc. But it does not dictate the kind of nails driven into each 2×4, or what type of piping to use for the vanity on an exterior wall. You won’t know, there’s no way for you to know—and we didn’t either. But it’s the accumulation of all of these small decisions that sets builders apart. It’s these variables that make only one variable matter: Care. How much the builder cares is the only variable that matters.

That’s what we quickly realized with Zimmermann Homes: They. Really. Care. There were multiple details discovered along the way we learned was the ‘best’ option because of some tidbit we would have never even considered. The day-to-day effort placed on the project is what matters, and that’s what we could not be more impressed with. They focus on the project at hand and use their mind, matter, and wisdom to build the incredible.

In 2019, we again hired Zimmermann Homes to build our second home for us. We were in the middle of the project when Covid hit, and the care continued in full force. In the early days of Covid, while nobody knew what was going on, they remained dedicated and continued to put up with our unique requests. We added this, subtracted that—but they were patient, reasonable, and effective with every step. They cared. The project manager went out of his way over and over again. He was incredibly detail oriented and skilled, smoothly combining a deep well of knowledge with the care that’s ingrained into the entire culture of Zimmermann Homes.

On top of all of that, Rob’s wife Meghan is a Realtor, and an incredible one at that. She diligently scoured, found, and represented us in purchasing the land for our 2nd build. She also represented us when moving out of the first. She guided us elegantly through both transactions and the results spoke for themselves:

If it’s not yet clear, I can go on for days. We can’t speak highly enough about the entire Zimmermann Homes team.”

– The Greer Family, McLean, VA

“We have lived in this home for just over a year, and every week we tell ourselves how lucky we were to find Rob and the Zimmermann Homes team. The house is stunning, solidly constructed, with very good craftsmanship and a high degree of energy efficiency.

What sticks out the most is that the process of building a home with them was far easier than we expected given the stories we have heard from our friends who used other companies. Susan, their client services manager, was so kind and approachable and answered all our detailed questions about the design and build stages. Jim, our project manager, took time to explain what he was planning for each room and left no stone unturned when it came to making sure the final product looked amazing. His attention to detail was refreshing.

We started building this house in the middle of the pandemic, when seemingly everything was backordered or out of stock. As other reviews have mentioned, Rob is very honest and straightforward and worked constantly to ensure his vendors were able to supply the necessary materials. Sure enough, all the high quality framing and construction items that were included in the original scope were available and thankfully we experienced minimal delays in the timeline. He was even able to negotiate down the price of our solar panels with the company we selected to install them, saving us thousands in the process.

They recently won Best Builder of Falls Church. Well deserved, for sure. We highly recommend Zimmermann Homes.”

– The Saviolakis Residence, Falls Church, VA

“I vetted a lot of builders and determined Rob Zimmermann’s team to have the best combination of i) very personalized service, ii) lots of misc. features / characteristics already included in his standard materials, and iii) the slight premium I was paying vs. the lower-cost guys seemed worth it. Rob also turned out to be honest (to his own financial detriment), which shows he isn’t just trying to turn a profit at every corner.

By way of quick example, I was vetting another builder’s pricing which seemed lower than Zimmermann’s, and I pushed for the width of my living room to be 20 feet wide instead of 18 feet … the builder responded that he included 14-inch floor joists and if I wanted 20 foot wide areas in the house, the joists would need to be increased to 16-inches … he estimated that cost increase to be $10k. I suspected more of those types of cost-increases would pop up with the alternative builder.

Darren, Zimmermann’s architect, did a great job helping me tweak the design of the house. I pushed some parameters in certain areas, and the architect pushed back in some cases, and overall produced an amazing design, with the right touches in numerous places.

Jim, Zimmermann’s project manager, was proactive in countless circumstances, identifying areas he’d consider improving and providing me with options. Jim went above and beyond in execution, and was a good communicator.

Overall, we’re thrilled with the product, and the experience & process was good / great. In a custom home building process, you expect to hit some bumps, and Rob and Jim were able to successfully address and overcome the surprises.”

– The Colangelo Family, Falls Church, VA

“We selected Zimmermann Homes for our custom home after almost 3 years of detailed planning and research, which included meeting with just about every builder in the Northern Virginia area and touring numerous new homes. Zimmermann Homes stood out from the rest with its long list of satisfied customers, rigorous quality controls and standards, and commitment to “green” and efficient building processes and products. In the end, it was an easy decision and we couldn’t be happier with Rob, the Zimmermann Homes team, and our new home. The entire process from start to finish was straightforward and well-structured. Darren, the architect, took our design ideas and list of must-haves and created a floor plan that exceeded our expectations. We also can’t say enough good things about Christina and the entire CSD Design Team. They were great to work with and their advice and guidance was invaluable throughout the process, and they were always available to answer our questions and requests for design input (no matter how big or small!). We’re absolutely thrilled with the quality and efficiency of our new home and would recommend that anyone looking at a new build should put Zimmermann Homes at the top of their list! “

– The Wyss Family, Arlington, VA

“I bought a tear down property in May of 2019 with Zimmermann Homes which was completed in July of 2020. I can’t say enough good things about Rob and his team. I was not living in the DMV area when we started the project so they did a great job of communicating remotely during the design process. His architect, Darren and interior design team, Christina Simon, took samples of things we liked and found ways to integrate them into the house. The property has so many cool features from finishes, to a basement apartment, gym, and a roof deck. It’s a 4,400 sq foot house but feels like it’s 6k.

Rob, Jim, and team are very particular about how things are done. If something doesn’t look right, they are going to have it corrected properly and they did.

From building for energy efficient, print labeling everything ( low voltage, electrical, was, gas), to managing the draw schedule, they really focus on the little things during what is a very stressful experience.

After moving in, they ensured punch list items were attended to. Unfortunately, we had to relocate for work after a year but the focus on details and quality allowed us to get top dollar for our property. Having now bought another newly built home only further highlights the unique focus on service and quality building of Zimmermann homes. Wish I could have had him build my house out west.”

– The Messner Family, Arlington, VA

“We recently moved into our amazing new home in Falls Church and give our unequivocal and highest recommendation to work with Zimmermann Homes. Rob and team were simply incredible over the course of our home build, which was complicated by the unimaginable challenges of the pandemic that forced them to adapt their efforts in almost every respect. Through it all, Zimmermann Homes was a steady hand and inspired a lot of confidence that our home would be completed as planned. The finished product exceeded our expectations and it’s clear they take a lot of personal pride in their craftsmanship.

Beyond their ability to deliver, I’d highlight a few other aspects of the experience working with Zimmermann Homes:

1) Lot acquisition: Rob’s wife Meghan is a real estate agent and was able to help us identify, bid, and secure our lot. She gave us a lot of objective counsel to be disciplined in our bidding efforts, and we never felt pressured. By working in combination with Meghan and Rob, it made things more seamless in evaluating lots and considering our build options.

2) Simple process: We initially thought building a home would be daunting, but Rob and his team make things about as easy as they can be. There’s a very well thought out process, timeline, and sequencing of events that kept things moving. Rob and his team were always reachable, happy to provide baseline education and honest perspective, and extremely patient.

3) Full transparency: From a contracting standpoint, everything was fully transparent and there were few surprises experienced along the way. Anytime there was something we had to consider that deviated from our contract, communication was excellent and given balanced perspective to make informed decisions.

4) Attention-to-detail: As our home came together, I commend Rob and our project manager Jim in particular for their extreme, extreme attention-to-detail. They take great pride in their work and the resulting build quality and finish was clearly well-beyond homes we toured that had been completed by other local builders.

5) Logical design / good flow: I don’t know how to better describe it, but everything in the way they design and construct homes just makes sense. No wasted space, no weird configurations, no imbalance of higher vs. lower-priority areas of the home…it’s all just really consistent.

6) Good people: Rob and everyone he surrounds himself with are just honest, good and hardworking people who take tremendous pride in what they do. Also, I think they all recognize how huge an investment building a home is for their clients, and believe they take that responsibility very seriously and go the extra effort to earn your trust.

We’re thrilled by how things turned out and could go on about all the specific experiences we had that culminated in our ringing endorsement. If you’re thinking about building a home, definitely consider Zimmermann Homes.”

– The Park Family, Falls Church, VA

Rob and his team put us into a home we never imagined we could have given our budget and existing conditions. Our renovation and addition feels like a new build, not a remodel. Rob’s communication was superb and the process was enjoyable. We have to pinch ourselves every day we wake up in our home!

– The Minch Family, Falls Church, VA

We built a new home with Zimmermann Homes, and Rob and his highly competent team were with us every step of the way. The property had a complicated tear-down and multi-step permit project, and the team guided us through that easily. We appreciated the detailed plan and build process, which seamless integrated the house design, room by room product selection, installation and finish work. Zimmermann homes delivered the quality home we envisioned, on time and on budget, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. You won’t find a better, more attentive builder!

– The Winebrenner Family, McLean, VA

“I highly recommend Zimmermann Homes for a custom build home, especially in the Falls Church City and North Arlington areas of Virginia. Their attention to detail, creativity, openness to design modifications, and supreme quality throughout the process of building a home together was unmatched.

Before meeting Rob Zimmermann, owner and CEO of Zimmermann Homes, I personally toured a few hundred new homes in the area so that I could better understand trends, options, designs, and finishes in the price range that I was looking to build a new home. I also met with/interviewed a handful of respected builders in the region to learn about their approach and processes, as well as their knowledge of new industry improvements and design features.

While I surely could have built a good home with many of the builders I met with, I am very confident that no one could have surpassed the quality of the home Rob and his team built for me this past year. I just moved into the new home two weeks ago and I can’t say enough good things about the decision I made. Rob is very knowledgeable about home construction and also looking to learn more each day about new ways to make a home more energy efficient, user friendly, or aesthetically pleasing. His team of professionals are all experts in their respective fields and run a very efficient operation, especially once the construction process begins. From the very beginning of the process, I worked very closely with Rob personally to design my new home to meet my current and future needs. Rob is very flexible about ways to meet expectations and wants/needs, while also keeping clients realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished easily.

Working with Christina Simon on the finishes throughout the house was a very smooth process that was about as enjoyable as possible, considering the dozens of decisions that have to be made pretty quickly. Christina and her team are very efficient, and yet flexible on helping Rob’s clients stay within budget and still meet specialized preferences in areas that are most important. Her eye for colors and what “works” versus what doesn’t is very impressive.

Lastly, working with Jim Jennings, project manager, was an experience that is hard to fully articulate, but I can’t imagine a more qualified construction industry professional to work with on a daily basis. Jim has a work ethic and attention to detail that is extraordinary. No task or question was ever beneath him and he always went the extra mile to either meet my needs/wishes/expectations or to help persuade me against making a decision that I may regret later. Jim saved me from making more than a few poor design decisions and was a key factor in a final product that I am very happy to own.

Overall, I can say with great confidence that future clients of Zimmermann Homes will be more than satisfied. The quality construction and design provided for the cost equated to a great product for me and I’m confident it will for future buyers too.”

– The Scardino Family, Falls Church, VA

“We could not recommend Zimmermann Homes more highly! If you are looking to build a high-quality, energy efficient home with a team that puts the client first and cares about value, then you could not do better than Rob and his team at Zimmermann Homes.

Zimmermann built our beautiful home in Arlington during an incredibly difficult period (2021-22), when the entire industry experienced supply chain shortages and cost increases due to inflation. Rather than make us promises about elements of the process they could not control, Zimmermann was frank about the challenges, but did all they could to get ahead of supply chain gaps and looming price increases. I know others who built during this time (with other companies) who were discouraged about unexpected costs or delays. Due to Zimmermann’s excellent communication and constant effort to stay ahead of the challenge curve, we always knew what to expect and we knew Zimmermann was doing all it could to ensure we got the best value as quickly as possible. In addition to industry-wide challenges, the county changed certain construction regulations during our project. Zimmermann spent weeks engaging county officials to control the extra costs to us to implement the new regulations.

Zimmermann has mastered the art of working with the client throughout the process to ensure that decisions about design, fixtures, appliances and more are made well in advance (another feature that protected us from many supply chain challenges). The design team led by Christina Simon is phenomenal, and Jim Jennings was masterful as the project manager. Importantly, every person on the Zimmermann team with whom we interacted, starting with Rob, Christina, and Jim, but including every member of the team, was truly a nice human being, which made the entire experience fun and pleasant. This also helped with managing neighborhood relations, as all construction projects are disruptive and keeping the neighbors positive is no easy feat.

Finally, we knew we wanted a high quality home. We had no idea what it takes to build a quality home, but chose Zimmermann based on its reputation for quality construction. Now that we have lived here several months we are so appreciative that we live in a home with quality windows, molding, lighting, ceilings, fixtures, appliances, floors and more. Rob and team helped guide us through the “choosing” process to ensure quality AND value. The best!”

– The Kamian Residence, Arlington, VA

“Zimmermann Homes built our house in 2018, and we couldn’t be happier! When we decided we wanted to build new, I met with over 15 local builders, and selected Zimmermann homes based on their quality, value, and customer service. Rob worked with me even before I found a lot to build on, making me aware of leads he had on certain off-market lots. Once we bought a lot, we worked with Darren to custom design a house that worked for our needs and fit nicely on our lot. His expertise was clear – I sketched out about 5 different versions of how I could see the floor plan laid out, and even his first draft was better than anything I could have envisioned. He really listened to our needs and wants, and by the time we worked through the details, the plan was exactly what we wanted.
Once permitting was under way, we worked with Cristina on the design details. She took the time to get to know our tastes, and made some fantastic suggestions we hadn’t thought of that we’re absolutely thrilled with. The way they work is very flexible, which we loved. We changed probably 2/3 of our light fixtures from the ones we initially picked, swapping in ones we found ourselves in some instances. Cristina helped us evaluate each and make sure they work with our overall design.
Once building got under way, Jim led the construction effort as the PM, and his decades of home building experience was clear from day one. Things happen during builds, regardless of planning, as anyone who’s ever built will tell you; suppliers send the wrong materials, weather causes delays, or things don’t look quite the same in the house as they did in the plan. The way Jim and Rob handled things when they came up is what really set them apart. They had the flexibility to allow for changes mid-stream. We completely changed our stairway design. A vanity was too big, so Jim modified it on site. A cabinet could have been designed better, so Jim modified it and Cristina helped obtain new parts. These are just a few examples – I could easily go on.
Communication throughout was superb – they know I’m a detail guy, and they provided me with the information I was looking for throughout the build. Through everything, they finished ahead of schedule, the quality is top notch, and the only budget additions were things we decided to add mid-stream. Even post move in, their service has been great. They track things via DropBox, so I can upload pics or identify service items at any time. Overall, we’re thrilled with both our house and our decision to build with Zimmermann Homes!”

-The Schwartz Family, Falls Church, VA


“Rob and his team recently built our 4100 sq foot home in Arlington. Building a home is a massive endeavor and Zimmermann homes does a fantastic job of delivering. Rob laid out our schedule and we were able to move in early even with all of the moving parts and schedule adjustments that are to be expected with a project of this scale.

Before contracting with Zimmermann, we were able to see a floorplan and actual home that would work for our lot – the owner was very gracious in letting us tour their house! As with Rob’s other homes we had toured, we could see the house was amazingly well constructed and designed, and we could immediately see our future home clearly!

Our first step was to meet with the architect, Darren, who took the home we had toured as a starting point and made adjustments for our lot and for our lifestyle. Darren was great at understanding our needs and putting together a floorplan that truly works for us. With plans finalized, Rob and Grant started the permitting process and moved through it exactly as Rob had laid out in the schedule. Permitting in Arlington is challenging and it was great to have a team experienced with the process.

While we waited for permits, we started shopping with Christina. This entailed several days of picking out the major finishes for our home – a very daunting proposition but Christina and her team made it very easy by giving us a starting point for selections based on our style and budget. Christina and Amanda designed our kitchen and now that we’re in, we appreciate their choices and design elements even more! The placement of the dishes/silverware relative to the dishwasher makes unloading the dishwasher as enjoyable as that task can possibly be! Christina also introduced us to several amazing countertop choices for our kitchen and master bath that we would never had thought of on our own. We love all of the finishes and selections Christina helped us with!

Then came the construction. Jim Jennings, the project manager, has a true driver personality – exactly who you want making sure your home is built right. We appreciated all of his hard work coordinating so many moving parts and asking questions and making suggestions and adjustments to improve the design along the way. Jim has a great eye for detail and helped us think through the small items that would really make an impact in our home – from built ins, to the way the tile was laid in certain areas, to bigger adjustments like moving the kitchen island a bit for better flow in the space. There are so many more examples that could be shared about fine tuning Jim did for our home!

We moved in ahead of schedule and even with the build process complete, Rob, Jim and their partners have been on hand and available for questions and small items where we have needed support as we settled into the house. Zimmermann homes is all about customer service. We love spending time at home and couldn’t be happier with the home they built for us!”

-The Lamorena Family., Arlington, VA

“The Zimmermann Homes team did a fabulous job with our dream home. We researched several large and small custom home builders and chose Zimmermann Homes for our new build project…and we could not have been happier with our decision! The project scope was delivered on time and within budget. From the beginning, Zimmermann Homes personalized our project by getting to know us, our expectations, wants and needs. We worked directly with the architect to conceptualize our vision. The design team tailored the experience based on our style, budget and added their wisdom and expertise with each selection. As difficult as the permitting process can be in Arlington, VA, Zimmermann Homes thoroughly understands the process and works expeditiously with the county to keep the project on schedule. During the build phase of our home, Rob and his team kept us informed and was extremely responsive. The site manager, Jim, delivered an amazing home with top notch craftsmanship. Throughout the entire process, the team proved we made the right decision. We love our new home!”

– The Reed Family, Arlington, VA

“My wife, Sarah, and I built a home in 2017 with Rob. The process was well run from start to finish and I appreciated Rob being very responsive when I was trying to buy our lot without a realtor – a little nerve racking to say the least. The use of technology was extremely helpful and made the process much more efficient and transparent than it otherwise would have been. We have a very specific style and it matched up well with Rob’s house design and attention to detail. Jim was especially helpful along the way by pointing out things that were of concern so that we could address before they became significant issues. There were a few unexpected design issues that popped as you would normally expect and Rob and Jim’s proactiveness made it go very smoothly. We love our home and would do very little differently. I would recommend Zimmermann Homes for anyone wanting to build a custom home!”

The Blake Family, Arlington, VA

“Zimmermann Homes built us our dream home in 2017. This was our first experience building a house, and they made it an easy process for us. Not only did they provide an in-house design consultant (Christina Simon, who is also fabulous!), but they provided us with a top-notch, “attention-to-every-little detail” project manager, Jim Jennings. From taking it upon himself to create and add a wood panel at the bottom of our dishwasher and refrigerator (without being asked because he thought it would look better – which it did!) to always being available to answer any and all questions – Jim doesn’t miss a thing. The attention to detail in our home has been remarked upon by everyone who enters our house – especially those in the business!

After they handed over the keys, they didn’t ditch us, either! From small questions to troubleshooting minor issues, Rob and his crew at Zimmermann Homes has made themselves available anytime we needed something. They truly go above and beyond. Grant Johnson (another great member of the team), Rob, and Jim were all shoveling our driveway when it snowed last year before we moved in. You won’t regret it if you choose these guys. They really think through every detail and build each home as if it were their own.”

– The Robertson Family, Falls Church, VA

“It is with great enthusiasm that we write this letter of recommendation in support of Zimmermann Homes. We found our new Falls Church home after it was completed, but Rob worked with us to add customizations that turned an already well-built and well-designed home into one that reflected our preferences and needs. Having toured many new construction homes in the Falls Church area, I can attest to the build quality and tasteful design choices implemented by Rob and his team. Zimmermann Homes exceeded the level of service and satisfaction we were expecting, and delivered a home at a tremendous value that I have not encountered anywhere in this in-demand area. The community this house was built in is outstanding and my family is excited about our upcoming move-in. Thanks Rob and Team!”

– The Danckaert Family, Falls Church, VA

“We chose to have Rob and his team build our home while we were overseas based on a reference from a friend who raved about what a great job he did building their house while they were overseas. We could not be happier with the result. We are thrilled to be able to verify that his strong reputation is well-deserved. The craftmanship and design of the home is outstanding. The architect and project manager were second to none and the house is solid and extremely comfortable. The changes made to accommodate our wishes all came out perfectly. We also loved working with Rob’s team to pick out all of the finishes on the home. Not only did the house come out beautifully, it was done ahead of schedule, allowing us to move in sooner than we had anticipated– which was wonderful. We can’t say enough great things about the experience. We highly recommend going with Zimmerman Homes!”

– The Thomas Family, Falls Church, VA

“Rob is a true professional and builds a wonderful product! He is thoughtful in his design and attention to detail. Along with the house we added the complexity of building a pool at the same time and Rob and his team managed the project perfectly. On time, on budget, and a wonderful home!”

– The Gaines Family, Falls Church, VA


“Zimmermann Homes built our custom home in Northern VA. The team went above and beyond to meet our expectations and did an outstanding job! The overall process was honest, interactive and fun. We really enjoyed working with Rob, Darren, Cristina and Jim, as well as with the other subs. It was really a blessing working with hard working, focused, dedicated and detail oriented individuals. Jim managed the overall construction and he was professional and excellent throughout the process. We love every single part of the house and thank you guys for helping us achieving this milestone!”

– The Mercado Family, Herndon, VA

“Rob & his team at Zimmermann homes built our 5 bedroom 4.5 bath 4,000 square foot Falls Church home. We couldn’t be happier with the house and the whole process from design to move in. We have now been in the home for a year – and have had no issues beyond a few nail pops and even there, Rob’s crew was back at the one year point to do touch-ups and any minor repairs needed. The summer before we Contracted with Zimmermann, We were living in Asia and were in Falls Church for what ended up being a very unsuccessful house hunting visit. Our long-time realtor had seen a home built by Rob and had also seen our former home that we had remodeled ourselves. She knew that we were sticklers for detail and quality and instantly knew that Rob might work for us. She was right. We went back to Asia and proceeded to work with Rob’s team of professionals from 12 time zones away. Other than a design trip made by my wife, the whole process was done virtually. Project manager Jim Jennings was outstanding. Everything was on time, in budget, and exceeded our high expectations on quality. If we ever build another home, Rob will be doing it.”

– The Loi Family, Falls Church, VA

“We had an excellent experience working with Zimmermann Homes on a new custom home design and construction. The team was professional, diligent, and worked with us in many ways to satisfy desired features within budget and schedule. We executed an extensive search of various builders in the area before selecting Zimmermann Homes and are thoroughly happy with our decision and our home.”

-Fred and Debbie Zimmerman, Great Falls, VA

“Zimmermann Homes built our 5,000 square foot home for us in North Arlington. They started the demolition of the existing home in February and we moved in at the end of June. From the first intro meeting to the last close-out meeting they made the process as easy as possible. They were honest at every step, used high quality materials throughout, guided us to make intelligent decisions, and ended up delivering over and above what they contractually promised. It’s rare, in this day and age, to find a contractor that actually goes above and beyond what is promised. I very gladly and confidently write this note of reference and invite you to call me or stop by if you’d like to see their work first-hand. Rob and his team are amazing.”

– Jacquelyn Greer, Arlington, VA

“Rob is a class act. We moved into our completely custom home in 2016. He is easily reachable and responsive even after we have moved in. Throughout the process our concerns were addressed and our house turned out even above our own expectations. All of our fears about building a custom home were unfounded thanks to Rob and his team.”

-The Krieger Family, Arlington, VA

“We can only praise and appreciate the entire Zimmermann Homes team! We completed a near-tear-down of a 1970’s split level in Vienna, expanding the space by over 2,000 sq. ft. (to nearly 4,500 sq. ft. total). Zimmermann completed the project on time, competitively priced, and with exceptional quality that has friends and neighbors thrilled. The Zimmermann Homes approach impressed us from the first interview: Rob was thoughtful about how to get the most out of our project and budget, and fully understood our vision. Zimmermann’s proposal was head’s and shoulders above the other three bidders we considered in terms of professionalism, detail, price and approach. The design team did an outstanding job helping us convert our vision into fantastic plans and design selections. The project team, including each subcontractor, was professional, excellent with communications and meticulous about the details. Our trust in Rob and his team were well founded as we collaborated closely throughout the project. We would highly recommend Zimmermann Homes!”

– The Petersen Family, Vienna, VA

“Zimmermann Homes built me a house in falls church. Great builder. Easy to work with and great design. Very solidly built and very energy efficient. Anderson windows, tankless water heater, tons of kitchen space. Best house I ever bought. U won’t go wrong choosing Zimmermann.”

– The Mountcastle Family, Falls Church, VA

“Without a doubt, building is an enormous endeavor. And it can quickly become overwhelming – what with the expense, the planning, and the seemingly endless decisions that need to be made. That’s why we are so glad we had Rob and his team at Zimmermann Homes for our house. Every step of the way, they were available to answer question, give recommendations, or even just be a soundboard to help us when we got stuck with indecision. And the workmanship is excellent – the photos speak for themselves. Rob’s team listened to our ideas and tastes, and was able to help us model a home that really fit our family. Thank you Rob, Darren, Jimmy and Christina!”

– The Hughes Family, Arlington, VA

“As you know, I had been watching the work Zimmermann Homes was doing in my neighborhood for several years. You and your crews have transformed the homes, and lives, of several of my neighbors. In asking my neighbors if they would recommend Zimmermann Homes, you recieved 100% approval ratings. You are known in the neighborhood for providing high quality work with an obsessive attention to detail, and, most importantly, finishing your projects in a timely fashion. You have provided me with a wonderful addition to my home. It exceeded my expectations. Special thanks to Darren for creating a design that meets my needs, and to Jim, who is a miracle worker. How he got my job done — an exterior project — on time during the worst winter in years I do not know. He is a truly extraordinary project manager. I cannot say enough about how dedicated and thoughtful Jim was from start to finish. Keep up the good work!”

– Sara Hutchinson, Arlington, VA

“We are delighted to be living in our exquisite new home that Zimmermann Homes designed & built for us. After only 6 exciting months of construction, our 6,700 sq. ft. English-Colonial style home is complete. The details both inside and outside the home are incredible. The hand built cabinetry, the marble tile, the masonry work, and of course the hot tub on the gazebo are truly first class! From start to finish Rob met all of our expectations. He is a hardworking, honest, and dedicated man who truly cares about his work and will go out of his way to make you happy. We plan to work with Zimmermann Homes on all future projects and you should want to hire them too if you are looking for a top quality home builder at a competive price!”

– Fred & Hilary Spilkin Great Falls, VA

“Rob and the entire Zimmermann homes team were exceptional to work with. With twins on the way, there was a lot of pressure to get our “pop top” addition done right, on time, and on budget. Zimmermann homes delivered on every front, and they were a pleasure to work with from the design phase straight through move in day. We have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for honest contractors who do top notch work. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product!”

– Molly & Brian Douglas Arlington, VA

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