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What sets our homes apart

Standard Upgrades on Every Home


Our standard practices involve using energy efficient, environmentally friendly products to lower energy consumption, lower utility bills, and help our planet.

Tankless water heater

Anderson 400 series windows

LED lighting

Radiant reflective roof sheathing

Insulated garage door


The products we use are designed to last, resulting in less potential service work, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Advanced water-resistant sub floors

Watertight membrane under showers & laundry room

2 sump pumps

6" gutters with gutter guards

PVC exterior trim & Cement Soffit board

smart home features

Our standard building practices work to reduce the risk of potential maintenance issues, saving you headaches and money in the long run.

Nest thermostat

Nest doorbell

Schlage keyless entry

MyQ Liftmaster garage door motor

Lutron smart switches

Our standard building practices offer cutting edge features and value-added products that maximize energy efficiency and minimize service costs.

Customization Options

Indoor Sauna

Bring the spa home with a gorgeous cedar sauna! Escape after a long day in the hot air and experience all of its related health benefits.

Solar Panels

Offers a clean way to harness sun energy, with no harmful greenhouse gases, and stored energy can be used or sold back to your utility provider.

Golf Simulator

Improve your golf game at home with your very own simulator. We can step the slab down to increase ceiling height to allow for a full range swing!


When the power goes out you'll be able to provide electricity to a few key areas including both sump pumps, ejector pump, refrigerator, hot water, cooktop, furnace, internet, critical lights and outlets.

Suspended Slab

You can create additional space under your garage slab that's completely secure, safe and fireproof. Use it as a safe room, storage area, workshop, music or media room.

Security Windows

You get the safety and security of vehicle windshields with the additional benefits of sound deadening, which keeps your house quiet, and UV protection to minimize sun damage.

Pool / Hot Tub

Enjoy hot summer days at home with a refreshing dip in the pool! You'll get to create lifelong memories with your family and experience the joys of entertaining in your own paradise!


A perfect solution to provide cutting edge convenience, ADA compatibility, or even accessibility for the modern multi-generational family!

Roof Deck

A perfect place to watch a sunset, read a book, or start your day with a morning cup of coffee! Accessible from either the owner's bedroom or 3rd story loft.

Build Process & Timeline

Month 1
Month 2
Months 3-4
Months 5-7
Months 5-7
Month 7
Months 7-14
Month 14


We are only pursuing new leads in N Arlington, McLean, and Falls Church at this time.

No! If you don’t have one, we can help you find one. We often get off market leads and pair them up with our clients. We also have an in-house Realtor who can send listings.   Let us know you are interested.

The construction cost of the homes we build range depending on the size and style of the home and lot specifics. We would need to gather more information from you first before providing an accurate working budget for you and your home. To note, we can build the same size home for a range of a couple hundred thousand dollars pretty easily by adjusting how we are building it. On average our clients typically spend ‘all-in’ between $225 – $275 per finished sq. ft. on construction cost. The bigger you build, the lower the price per sq. ft. because of economies of scale. That can of course be offset with adding some fun bells and whistles to your new home!

The average amount of time is 12-14 months from signing a contract to being handed the keys! 2 months creating building plans, 3-4 months permit approvals, 7-8 months construction. See more details here.

Yes, we are a design/build company and we have a talented architectural designer on our team who can design a new custom home to suit your needs or you can choose from dozens of established plans.

 We use the construction management software system ‘Co-Construct’. All clients get log in access where you can view your project 24/7. All scope, budget, selections, plans, schedule, and communication happens within here. We are fully transparent and all actual build costs flow right in from Quickbooks to minimize any surprises and keep you up to date on your budget.

Yes, we do buy lots directly and pay competitive prices! You can avoid Realtor Fees, sell your house ‘as-is’, avoid contingencies, choose your own closing date, and leave any unwanted belongings in the home when you leave.  Tell us about your property.

Yes! We have an in-house Realtor who is on a team with Washington Fine Properties. We can sell either your old home you’re moving out of, OR your new home should you need to sell, in addition to representing you on a purchase of a new lot if needed. We have successfully bought and sold for numerous clients over the years.

Yes, we are advocates of renewable energy and have installed solar on numerous homes. You can either design a new home and roofline to maximize the number of panels OR just send your home design upon completion to the solar company to see what fits. Either way we rough in an electrical conduit as a standard to allow easy install in the future.

You ‘can’ build a smaller home, but VA appraisals are heavily reliant on square footage, so often the lot price + construction price exceeds the future value appraisal of the home and you’re ‘under water’ from the perspective of a lender which is why you don’t often see smaller homes built in this area.

We primarily focus on new construction but we would entertain a large scale addition with a full gut of existing space if it was in our target building area.

1 year comprehensive coverage on everything top to bottom. Additionally, we pay a 3rd party company for a 10 yr. structural warranty on your home which is also transferable to a new buyer should you happen to sell.

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